Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rachel's World ~ Part III

Did you know Asheville's nickname is
"Land of the Sky"?
I didn't either.
But it's appropriate.
While there, you do feel on top of the world.
And on my last day, Joseph and Rachel
planned on taking me literally to the top of their world.
The boys are patiently waiting
A jump on the Blue Ridge Parkway

and less than an hour later,
there we were....
But Looking Glass Rock was not our final destination.
We were heading to
(Before I continue, a sidenote...
Rachel called me about a month ago with a story.
She said she had never been so scared in her life.
They were camping off the Parkway,
and during the night,
Cole, the black lab who was sleeping outside the door of the tent,
started a deep-throated growl.
Simultaneously, they were smelling a very strong, musky smell.
Cole kept guard at the door, continuing his growling,
and after a bit, calmed down.)
Well, they were backwoods camping at
Graveyard Field.
When we arrived there on our hike day, this is what we found...
All I can say is, "Thanks, Cole!"
So with the two dogs at our side,
we set off on our hike
because this is what they wanted me to see...
Cole's decision:
"Should I or shouldn't I?!"...
and in true Lab form,
"I should!"...

Stan was a little more discerning...
... and just got his paws wet in the cold water.
After all, he's only part Lab :)
So, thank you so much, you guys,
for hosting so well,

 Blurry, but I love it!

and I can't wait until
my Timberlands grace your part of the world again!


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Leslie said...

What a beautiful place! (glad there were no bears...)