Saturday, January 29, 2011

For Hope....

 I found a special place for us.
A very, very good possibility!

And it's just the distance of one pizzaria
away from this intersection...

and it's in a lovely building
with a whimsical name... 

We can debate for awhile over our
choice of.... 

but maybe we'll be in the mood for ... 

We can sit inside together... 

and enjoy the decor... 

and we can solve all of the world's problems

But maybe, if the weather is wonderful,
we'll just sit outside... 

and watch people smack their lips
over a cupcake with flowers on top... 

And maybe they'll stop in and join us!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Birds...

I received a gift today.
Special visitors passed by.

The elusive white pelican.

They huddled on the sandbar together,
taking a nap from their journey.
Their heads tucked under their wings.

Then the tide came rushing in.

They continued to nap.

As they slowly glided away.


"If you’re not familiar with white pelicans,
these beautiful,
mostly elusive large pelicans are about three times the size of brown pelicans.
 They migrate to south Florida in the winter,
congregating in large groups
but in very out of the way locations,
so as not to be disturbed.

Boaters are often the only people to spot white pelicans,
spying them on uninhabited out-islands."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Freudian Mistype

Sometimes when I'm typing a letter, note, etc. to someone
 and I end with my "complimentary closing" being
I often mis-type the word "Love"
and I type

A Freudian mistype :) 

 I think that from now on,
I won't make the correction. 
I'm going to leave it. 

It's a nice way to close, I believe.


Saturday, January 1, 2011


I didn't plan on posting on this day
since I sent New Year's wishes on my last post.
But I've been inspired by all of the sentiments that have come my way,
as well as the reflections on the past year 
that happened throughout the day yesterday,
in conversation as well as the media. 

I love catching the "Year in Photos" that the news shows create. 
 Which prompted me to glance through my pictures.
  Which led me to reflect on all the goodness in this past year. 
Which caused me to be so excited for the year to come.
(I admit it, I'm a Pollyanna...
The unconscious bias towards the positive.)

So, I'll take you down memory lane and reflect on past blessings.
And so as not to bore you too much,
here is just a glimpse of the
525,948 minutes that have made up the past year.
My reflections have been sweet, nostalgic,
and filled with
Lots of these "moments" that have filled my life.

There has been cause for celebration...

And times of never-long-enough visits...

I had times with extended family...

and enjoyed more family stepping into the picture...

I've seen wishes fulfilled in the form of a job...

and had moments of wishful thinking...

I got to spend some time with the siblings (but not enough)...

and spent some time with friends (also, not enough)...

and I had precious, precious time with my mom
in the last months of her life...
(taken on her last day with us)

I know that life is a constant journey and
the road ahead is never straight.
It is filled with curves and hills.
With limited visibility.
But I hold onto this...
"I know the plans I have for you" ~ God
as I step into this new year and travel down my road.

With sweet memories,
Goodby 2010
With anticipation,
Hello 2011

And as the New Year dawns...

Remember, it's always a....