Sunday, March 28, 2010

Andy Rooney and Me

I just heard Andy Rooney say "I'm funny, but I'm the only one who thinks so." 
 I know what he means.  I am my own best audience. 
But isn't that normal, I ask?
What person, who says something alledgedly funny,
does not laugh at what they just said?

I have heard rumors that Ron and Danny do a good impersonation of me laughing at myself.
I use the word rumor because they always refuse to do this in front of me.
So I have my doubts...
about the "good" that is.
But my question is...
do they laugh at themselves doing an impersonation
of me laughing at myself?

And then there are some things that just strike me as funny
and those around me don't quite see the humor.
I'm not talking about an all out belly laugh.
Just a shoulder-shaking, trying to
hold it in kind of laugh.
One time, I was about to take a long road trip with
three of my girls.
So I listened to the weatherman before heading off
to see what kind of traveling weather we would have.
He was predicting rain, so said...
"When you're out driving today,
be careful of the wet woads."
On top of that, he pretended he didn't say anything wrong!
That one had me shoulder-shaking all the way to North Carolina
whenever it popped into my head.

Wet Woads
What a wonderful wemark
( laughing at myself)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Some memorable events from the year 1925:

-"Tea For Two" is a #1 hit
-Nellie Taylor Ross became governor of Wyoming, 1st woman Governor in USA
-1st all-female U.S. state supreme court appointed, Texas
-Dogsleds reach Nome with emergency diphtheria serum after 1000-km
-Yankees whip Dodgers in exhibition 16-9 but Babe Ruth collapses in North Carolina due to an ulcer
-Ty Cobb goes 6 for 6
-Canadians allow to sell beer
-1st film shown on an British Air flight
-Goodyear airship "Pilgrim" makes 1st flight
-Walter Percy Chrysler founded Chrysler Corp
-Water skis patented by Fred Waller
-Jean Marie born in Pittston, Pa. to James and Genevieve

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hiking IS Possible in Florida!

Jess was available for the day as Peter was off officiating
lacrosse, and Lo was over for a visit, and the day
was beautiful, so off for a hike we went.

This picture is for my brother, Jimmy.
See, Jim, you can hike in Florida!!
You don't need mountains to hike, lol!
This sign proves it!

The traditional derriere shot (sorry, jess, couldn't resist lol)...

Along the way, we took a free boat ride across the intracoastal to do
some exploring on the island that holds Fort Matanzas ...

Climbing up to the roof.  Those Spaniards had to be small...

 The highlight of the hike...a five week old great-horned owl...

We ended the hike by jumping over A1A to have a  photo shoot
on the rocks

And, to make my day, a few dolphins were swimming
not far offshore!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Life - Your World in Pictures

Early this morning, I went on google.
 As I stared at the search box, I had a thought to just type in a spontaneous word; something without even thinking.  Well, the word that appeared in the search box was "life". 
The first result was ....
"Life - Your World in Pictures"
 How excellent! 
 I love life and I love pictures!
So here is my world in pictures...

My lovlies
and their men

Exploring with Hope

and exploring

Can you find us in this exploration, hee-hee...

My Mama

 Jersey Represented

My two Lo's                                    My two Dre's

A Dose of Friends

My Faith

My Home

My Sunrise                                          My Moonrise

My Favorite Flower

My Favorite Beach

And Celebrating Life!

My Simple, Wonderful World!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Needed...two stools (maybe three....hee-hee)

This wobbly, paint-stained, "take-your-life-in-your-own-hands-if-you-use-this" stool has alot of history with my family.
It has been with us for years and years
and before us,
it had served some other unknown family.
But they, obviously, did not treasure it
as we do as they discarded it.
And we just can't get rid of it.

Not only that...
but Christa claims it as her own...

...but she faces stiff competition from Hope
who has strong arguments for her ownership...

And we can't rule out Lil'Lo
who is shoring up his ammunition and
calls this coveted piece of furniture
"my stool".

And to top it all off...
when Drew stopped by this weekend and saw the stool,
it sparked a memory of a
recent dream he had in which that stool appeared.

So, the purpose of this post is this...
if you should come across clones
of this stool,
send them my way.
I need to make
(and maybe four)
people happy!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Seriously, I'm still laughing!

Recently, I typed the sentence "Seriously, I'm still laughing!"
When I went back and reread what I had written, that sentence stopped me.  And I thought ... what an oxymoron.  Then I thought about the seriousness of laughter, or rather the importance of laughter. 

Proverbs tells us that a merry heart does good like a medicine.
And there is scientific evidence to support that proverb.
According to ScienceDaily, medical researchers discovered that the anticipation of “mirthful laughter” had surprising and significant effects.

One guy with an autoimmune disease self-prescribed the viewing of comic shows (in his day, Candid Camera).  His disease went into remission. He wrote a paper on his theory that was then published in the New England Journal of Medicine and then a book that became a best seller.

A personal story I have where a simple sight brought laughter and changed my "health" is this.... I was driving one dark morning (emotionally dark - the day was bright and sunny) on a country road.  With no water in sight anywhere, across the road in front of me was waddling a mother Peking duck with numerous yellow balls of feathers tagging along in a long line behind her.  Well, I had to stop and wait for the ducks to cross the road.  Then an 18 wheeler coming from the other direction stopped.  A couple of cars lined up behind me with more lining up behind the truck.  We started getting out of our cars, watching and waiting for all of the ducklings to make it across the road.  It was a little time consuming as some of the babies decided to have a sit along the way.  Anyway, it was quite comical.  We were having shared laughter amongst strangers. (In fact, I'm sitting here grinning at the memory of it.)  We wondered out loud where they were coming from and where they were going.  (I personally believe God plunked them there for my benefit - little duck angels.)  Needless to say, my day was changed.  I noticed the brightness and the sunny-ness.  My outlook was changed, and my health was changed.  I had a merry heart!

So my encouragement to you is this....

Strive to have a merry heart.  LOL.  Have Lots of LaughsLaugh out Loud.  Watch America's Funniest Videos.  Search for the humor that surrounds you.  Do whatever it takes for you to have a deep, genuine belly laugh.  Seriously, have a dose of laughter each and every day!