Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hiking IS Possible in Florida!

Jess was available for the day as Peter was off officiating
lacrosse, and Lo was over for a visit, and the day
was beautiful, so off for a hike we went.

This picture is for my brother, Jimmy.
See, Jim, you can hike in Florida!!
You don't need mountains to hike, lol!
This sign proves it!

The traditional derriere shot (sorry, jess, couldn't resist lol)...

Along the way, we took a free boat ride across the intracoastal to do
some exploring on the island that holds Fort Matanzas ...

Climbing up to the roof.  Those Spaniards had to be small...

 The highlight of the hike...a five week old great-horned owl...

We ended the hike by jumping over A1A to have a  photo shoot
on the rocks

And, to make my day, a few dolphins were swimming
not far offshore!

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Mallard Nest said...

I second your motion! You can hike in Florida, just be ware of excessive bugs to include ticks! LOL! I love the baby owl!!!