Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall, Family, Food, Friends = Asheville Part II

Beautiful Asheville

Always encouraging

Can never get enough of you!
But we sure tried in just a few short days..

Cramming so much in...in a relaxing sort of way!
The perfect combination.

and speaking of combination...

These two guys ruled the table 


but this girl

spent some time

(P.S. the green heart on her wrist is Jayce's!)

In keeping with the relaxing mode,
there was food, food, and more food

with long meals spent around the table; no agenda
except to spend time together.

cat head biscuits, and let's not forget the sangria,

 my Timberlands 

did get some action.

And let's not forget
the rainy day

meetup with friends

(oops...I missed out on the handhold in the last pic :)

where leisure once again ruled...

(notice incognito Joseph in the background :)

Rachel and Joseph,

it was so great spending time in your world

 and we can't wait to
head to your mountain home again!

I would be negligent
 if I didn't highlight the
next photographer of the family...

and to take the time to give a shout out
to the 
who needed to stay home and take care of 
sick wee ones.
We missed you guys!!!!
But now that everyone is healthy...
when's our next road trip?!?!