Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Memories and a New Year's Wish

Christmas weekend has come and gone,
 and we now have more memories to last us a lifetime. 
I'm thankful for any occasion that brings us all together,
 especially the celebration of Christmas.
For this is the reason...

Rachel made it safely back to snowy North Carolina, Christa made the trek back to G-ville, and Peter and Jess had the "long" ride home back to the Coast of Palms.  Our other family members were very much missed, but I have to say, I'm jealous of the fact that the Mallard's were out sledding on Christmas Day!

Leading up to Christmas, I had some Elfettes helping me decorate...
but we did take some time to go and soar "up to the highest heights"...

We had a time of gift exchanging...

...as you can see,
it doesn't take much to make Christa happy!

We took strolls...

and more strolls...

We enjoyed nature...

And encountered a tree that begged to be climbed
 (actually it was Christa doing the begging)...

We had some cuddling going on...

There was some talking to Little Baby D...

...as well as listening for a reply!
We marveled over Rachel's new found love of technology (with her new I-phone)...

A quick visit to the beach was made....

And did I mention that we had SNOW  as evidenced here on my
Gator-blue sweatshirt...

Our memories are made and I want to take this time to wish you peace
as we approach this threshold of a new year.
And take to heart this little snippit of wisdom that I have come across recently...

So from my family to yours

May many blessings come your way
 and may you experience all that God has for you,
and may we all learn to enjoy each and every moment!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Impromptu Road Trip

I woke up yesterday and started daydreaming of a road trip. 
Interrupting this dream, I get a call from Christa about a sick little Lexie :(
So with Christa heading off to work,
I told her I'll hop in the car and head on over to keep my eye on the pup for the day.

Getting from St. Augustine to Gainesville is about a 68 mile drive one way. 
 But what's great about these miles is the fact that the drive is totally on country back roads. 
 Rt.1 to SR206 to SR207
 then Hwy 100 to SR26
and then you're there! 
 My idea of a road trip!

So enjoy it with me...

For all of you Northeners,
if you're missing your fall colors,
come to my state in December.
Each year,
I love seeing these vibrant colors bordering our roadways during this season.

We'll drive through Spuds, the Potato Capital...

And we can stop at Bulls-hit (don't say that too fast!) Ranch
for some  Bull's Chips.
(I've known Rick Gilson to go miles out of his way
to buy his favorite potato chips from here.
You leave your money in a box on the counter :)

We'll cross the St. John's River,
one of the few rivers in the world that flows north.
(What the significance of this is, I don't know,
but you may come across that fact in a trivia game some day.)

Halfway through our trip, we'll definately stop at...

where we'll order a fried egg sandwich...

and have plenty of drink choices
(given the # of sweet tea containers, I would say that's the drink of choice,
until the workmen stop by at 5, that is!)...

Driving through beautiful Melrose,
the pecan groves will be enjoyed...

along with the occasional orange grove
that has survived the climate change over the years this far north in Fl.
(with frost on the ground)...

And for those who think they have to travel to
Texas to see some Longhorn...not true.
We have our beauties right here in north/central Florida...

We'll read the messages
in the random woods along the way,
 placed there by who knows who...

And we'll enjoy the peace and joy that is available to us!

So let's go for a ride!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here is What Happens When All the DiGi Girls Have Off At the Same Time...

~I'm on the phone with Mish...Christa calls in. 
~I get off with Mish thinking Christa is at work and is calling about something important.
~But Christa is home for the day and she just hung up with Jess,
who is now beeping into my conversation with Christa.
~I get off with Christa promising to call her back, and I call Mish back, knowing I also
have to return Jessica's missed call.
~I get off with Mish, and call Jess back.
~During this conversation, Christa beeps into Jess.
~Jess calls her back and tells her she was on the phone with me.
~Christa says "Wait a minute... Mom was supposed to call me back!"
~Christa gets off with Jess as she wants to call Rachel and me.
~Then I get a call back from Christa..."Hey, you were supposed to call me back!"  I laugh.
~And Jess beeps in, doesn't get an answer and makes a call to Mish.
~Christa calls Rachel.
~Jess calls me back.
~I call Rachel, but she can't talk as she's studying for a 1:00 test  :)

And thus our morning passes!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Glimpses of a Thankful Day...and More!

I remember saying in my 20's that Thanksgiving was my most favorite holiday. 
 And today I believe the same holds true.
  What is better than a time specifically set aside
to reflect on all there is to be grateful for!?!

And here is my list:
These three are the icing on the the cake of my life.
 They are the umbrellas that cover other aspects of my life for which I am so very grateful.
A list that would be too long to type out,
but I would bet it would run
parallel to each of your own lists. 

I was with two of my girls for the weekend,
and although it would have been more than sweet to have the other two here also,
I have to say it warmed my heart to hear of their day...
traditions made and time spent with special people in their lives.
(And THANK YOU, Charlie, for carrying on the Thanksgiving morning football tradition!!!
I would have loved to have been there...
I'm sure your soldiers would have loved having a 55 year old female quarterback..lol)
But we hope to carry on next year when Jess isn't "with child")

So this past weekend entailed much....

Lots of food cooked with love...

There were two DellaVecchia's...


Two Sharons...

Two Chihuahuas...

And a Yorkie...
There was a slumber party...
(Disclaimer...Dre got the beds ready before I was home, therefore,
that's why there are no sheets!!!  But there is something
endearing about males using a butterfly comforter:)

There were attempts to hide from the camera... 

And even though there were 5 empty chairs around the table at this moment,
Lil~Lo dragged this "stool " over, squeezed it (unsuccessfully) between two chairs
so that he could sit and enjoy his pumpkin pie...lol
(watch out Christa and Hope!) 

The weekend continued and we started celebrating Christsa!
First, a birthday breakfast...A Peahonanas...yum!

There was some enjoying of the most perfect weather...
(Notice little baby bump starting!!!)

There was fussing over the birthday princess...

And who says you have to be 5 to enjoy traditional birthday games...

I have to put a side note in here...
for the men in my girls' lives.   They are thoughtful, accommodating, fun-loving men...
plus they love my girls, so that automatically endears them to me.
But to write all that is in my heart about each of them would take
up a whole other blog....so just stay tuned for that.
In the meantime...here is Peter being accommodating...LOL
It takes a real man to wear a pink, heart-shaped blindfold!

And if I had a video, I would have entertained you with the
hulahoop routines going on...lol...
but a single picture will have to suffice...

And I'll end with this quote from Marcel Proust...
“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
 they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

My soul is content...
Thank you!