Thursday, May 12, 2016

So Proud

“This funny thing happens when you graduate college. You hear so much about being an adult that you start to feel like you have to become a different person overnight,
that growing up means being not you.
And you concentrate so hard on living up to the term
"adult" that you forget growing up happens by living,
not by sheer force of will.”  
~Cora Carmack

I am so proud of this young man...

                                                                                                        Photo credit ~ Donna

This evening he walks across the stage at
and walks off campus with his B.A. degree,
hard-earned and well-deserved,
now ready to start his "adult" life.

The journey he has traveled to this point in life
has made him one of my heroes,
not only for the obstacles he conquered along the way,
but also for the fact this he is a literal hero...
serving as a volunteer firefighter for his community
since his teen years!

welcome to the world beyond school!
The "adult" world.
But, the quote says,
growing up happens by living!
As Alanis Morissette sings,
"you live, you learn".
So true!
May you continue to "grow up" all the days of your life!
Let the living begin and the learning never stop!
(do some of that living down here in Florida, please!)

A big congratulations to you, Young Man,
and a big virtual hug sent over the miles!

And don't think I forgot about your
random, spontaneous promise to me when you were
about 4 or 5....
"Aunt Debbie, when I grow up I'm gonna take care of you!"