Friday, September 24, 2010

Haiku My Heart ~ Work in Progress

Evolving beauty

In these unfinished vessels

Reflecting our lives

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Monday, September 20, 2010

(Some) Favorite Sounds

1.  Without a doubt, my girls' laughter

2.  Hope's animated voice (it could really be used as a voice-over in a Disney film)

3.   And speaking of voices, my sister's Jersey thick accent
(yes, Jersey accent can be a favorite :)

4.  The sound of oysters clicking.  "Click" isn't such an attractive sounding word, but believe me, when you hear oysters clicking away it will wind up on your list of favorites.

5.  Ethan strumming  his guitar in the background during our visits

6.  Oli Kai chirping happily away in his cage
 (how is this possible! - there is a lesson here, I'm sure)

7.  Definitely acorns crunching underfoot

8.   Baseball chatter coming from the fields of a little league game, particularly T-Ball...
"Heeeey, batter, batter"

9.  My grand-dogs' excited whimpering as I arrive at their homes

10.  Solo piano music - it always evokes childhood memories of my parents trying to figure out how to get a piano up to our third-story, city apartment for my brother, Chuck...up the "z" style stairway or perhaps a pulley and rope up through a window?  Unfortunately, it never worked out.  But our Catholic Church would let him practice at will on their piano up in the balcony of the sanctuary. 
 As I sat below and listened numerous times.
 He was very good.
As an adult, he bought himself a baby grand similiar to this... 
And it was on his piano that my sister and I set up a tribute to his life when we had a memorial service for his California family and friends. 
So, yes, piano music....up there with the favorites!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes Our Path in Life is Chosen for Us... hee-hee

So Peter drops by a school meeting last night just to show some moral support for his place of employment. 
I don't even know if he knew for sure the type of meeting it was ....     
did you , Peter?

Anyway, he goes into the room and proceeds to the back where he figures it will be unobtrusive enough.
And the organizers of the meeting come in and walk to the back where they set themselves up to start the meeting. 
 Right next to Peter (hee-hee)

It turns out to be a SAC meeting...School Advisory Council, a state mandated team that each school must have to prepare and evaluate a school improvement plan, and they meet once a month throughout the year to implement this plan.  It needs to be comprised of teachers, administrators, parents, business leaders in the community, and I know at the high school level, students. 
So now Peter has a front row seat.  (Remember, he wanted to be inconspicuous :) 

And then the nominations start for a chairperson. 
Yes, you are ahead of me...  Peter was nominated.  And, yes, he was handily voted into the position. 
Not only that, but they needed someone to facilitate that very meeting.  So he was handed an agenda, and off he was propelled into a role that he was neither planning or expecting: running a meeting when he was expecting to slip by in the back row.  This whole scenerio gave Jess and me such a good laugh over lunch today :)

But you have to admit, he does look the part  ...  don't you agree?!
And you'll do a great job, Peter!
I would have voted for you!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Makes A Family

"It is not flesh and blood,
but the heart
 that makes family" ~anon

Andre and Angelo
two young men that have been
a part of the family for quite a few years.

Sons of the heart...
They are both living in Southwest Florida,
with school (Medical Assistant programs and beyond)
and raising children their life right now.

And I got a pleasant unexpected
visit from them last night
and six more victims of the lens were at my mercy...

So after a quick breakfast since our time was limited...
 Lil Lo

And some wrestling with Tio Dre...

It was outside to do some exploring
and to get a little football in...
One, two, three, hike!

First there was crab hunting...

And success...

With cornflower blue
flowers and eyes in abundance...

Next we had some future Gators (per Lil Lol) doing their thing...

And Gators-in-their-dreams doing their thing.

Then there was the GQ photo shoot...

Some tender moments...

And catching Sherri unawares...
(the woman keeping Andre on his toes)

All within an hours time
this morning before sending them
on their way
 and until I get my next call,
"Hey, can we come spend the night?"

"Of Course!"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Haiku My Heart: Unexpected Hug

A hug awaits me

In an unexpected place

My soul is carressed

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

~Happy Birthday, Jessica~

Jessica Grace
With the pretty face
Jessica Grace
With the pretty, pretty face
How I love you,
Yes, I love you,
How I love my Jessa Grace

This song was sung softly to you as I rocked you in our flower adorned chair on the day of your arrival. On a lovely Wednesday evening in September ~ on the outer edge of summer and on the verge of fall.
One of my most favorite times of year when one of most favorite person in the world made their appearance.

My first three months pregnant with you were a daily struggle with morning sickness…let’s call it day sickness. But once the calendar hit the beginning of the 4th month, it was clear sailing the rest of the way. Swiss cheese, wonton soap and orange sherbet were my foods of choice. And, surprisingly, I don’t think you like any of these!
Now the day of your arrival… some drama was added into the mix. Drama which the present day you would say, “WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?” You see, we planned on having you in our sweet little apartment on Burlington Avenue, surrounded by people who loved me and you, and we had a midwife lined up to come. But on your big day, she had a fever! What to do?!? There was only one choice for me, so with competent people around, and with the midwife standing by on the phone, you made your entrance into the world. Quietly and sweetly and with a head full of black hair! That hair and your almond shaped eyes prompted a few strangers over time to ask “did she come from somewhere?!”
Many people were waiting down in the main house for your arrival. A couple of friends from Tennessee had to head back on the morning of the 5th. They knew your birth was going to happen any day and were lamenting the fact that they had to leave. But off they went only to have car trouble and realized they had to turn around. I remember how happy they were when they arrived back and found out I was in labor. They were going to be here to meet you after all. They are the only people I ever knew who were happy for their car to break down.
You were surrounded by sweetness during your birth, and that sweetness has permeated your life. Your first giggles were contagious, and your laughter today still provokes those around you to also join in. It is a gift! You are a gift!

I’m realizing I’m using the word “sweet” and its derivatives alot in this story. But I also realize that is the word that comes to my mind when I think back on your birth day and when I think of you! Sweet and its synonyms…affectionate, angelic, beautiful, beloved, charming, cherished, companionable, considerate, darling, delightful, engaging, fair, generous, gentle, good-humored, good-natured, heavenly, lovable, loving, pleasant, precious! You are all these to me and more.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Daughter!
How I love you,
Yes, I love you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Haiku My Heart: The Journey

Waters churn below

As the messenger takes flight

Undaunted journey

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