Friday, September 24, 2010

Haiku My Heart ~ Work in Progress

Evolving beauty

In these unfinished vessels

Reflecting our lives

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Leslie said...

Is this your pottery in progress? I love the photo, and the haiku is wonderful. Makes me feel hopeful...

Marilyn said...

Beautiful photo and your haiku is perfect - "evolving beauty ...reflecting our lives" this is so true.
I would to see the the finished pottery pieces.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Inspired by your words and photo:

the potter
gives herself to clay—
dust to dust

Lone White Cross

Spadoman said...

Yes, like others, I'd like to see these finished pieces and more pottery. They look beautiful, and they are part of living. Good stuff.


Ramesh Sood said...

Beauty evloves
Vessels smile with a finish
Life reflects joy..

Meri said...

I feel the cool damp earthiness just looking at the photo. Yes to the words!

foxysue said...

This lovely photo sends me back to my days relaxing with clay and form, I never mastered the wheel though!

These vessels look perfect!

Thanks for commenting on my first haiku post.

Debbie D. said...

Sad to say these are not my work, but an artist's at a local art festival who graciously allowed me to take some shots.

Mallard Nest said...

Well your work as the photographer is amazing! Great picture! You could frame that one! I am so glad to see you are continueing your haikus! You are so tallented!
Love you!

Emily Young said...

I love your haikus : )