Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes Our Path in Life is Chosen for Us... hee-hee

So Peter drops by a school meeting last night just to show some moral support for his place of employment. 
I don't even know if he knew for sure the type of meeting it was ....     
did you , Peter?

Anyway, he goes into the room and proceeds to the back where he figures it will be unobtrusive enough.
And the organizers of the meeting come in and walk to the back where they set themselves up to start the meeting. 
 Right next to Peter (hee-hee)

It turns out to be a SAC meeting...School Advisory Council, a state mandated team that each school must have to prepare and evaluate a school improvement plan, and they meet once a month throughout the year to implement this plan.  It needs to be comprised of teachers, administrators, parents, business leaders in the community, and I know at the high school level, students. 
So now Peter has a front row seat.  (Remember, he wanted to be inconspicuous :) 

And then the nominations start for a chairperson. 
Yes, you are ahead of me...  Peter was nominated.  And, yes, he was handily voted into the position. 
Not only that, but they needed someone to facilitate that very meeting.  So he was handed an agenda, and off he was propelled into a role that he was neither planning or expecting: running a meeting when he was expecting to slip by in the back row.  This whole scenerio gave Jess and me such a good laugh over lunch today :)

But you have to admit, he does look the part  ...  don't you agree?!
And you'll do a great job, Peter!
I would have voted for you!

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Leslie said...

He really does look the part : )