Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fun Weekend with a Friend

here is one of the lovely transitions of life...
          that someone I have known since their toddler days...      

 someone who has sat on the other side of a school desk from me

 as handprint paintings were created for the walls,
      Yea for the dolphin sighting....(can you find it?
math problems were solved with ease,
songs learned in sign language for Sunday worship,
non-stop chatter continued...
 and continued...
and continued some more;
     I so want to do this. Mish, bring Glory over!......
(Katherine, you were a chatter-bug!)

This same someone
can grow up into an accomplished, beautiful young woman
a fun-loving, world traveler,
who has evolved into a
with stories to share,
world problems to solve,
both big and small.

What do we have in common, you may ask...
and Denzel...
need I say more


I can't wait to 'read' the next chapter of your life

Thanks for your gift of friendship.
It was such a fun weekend...
let's do it again!
to protect the innocent,
I won't share the best quote of the weekend,
but the word "bachlorette" was involved.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Photography by Lucas"

I googled
"Photography by Lucas"
and it seems this business name
has not being used yet.
Time to claim it,
and choose Lucas' career
for him...
                       Pet Photography?...he's your man...

                         Sports?...he's honing his skills...

                         Portraits?...he already knows the flattering angles...

                         Lifestye?...he's got his "rule of thirds" down..

                        Family portraits?...he can elicit a smile from a Princess...
if you're located in NE Florida
have any photography needs,
you might want to check out
"Photgraphy by Lucas"
His price is right...
Just give him your i-phone
turn him loose!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Star for Our Angel


"Perhaps they are not stars,
but rather openings in heaven
where the love of our lost ones
pours through and shines
down upon us to let us know
they are happy."
~Eskimo Proverb

To commemorate this day
a star
has been named in Jayce's honor.
And not just any star,
but one in the constellation,
which contains the Little Dipper!
So, Christa & Robert,
whenever you glance up to the sky
and find that
very recognizable star formation,
just feel the love flowing down...
and let the happiness seep into your soul!
Since this really is a joint gift
for the two of you,
we officially declare today
Parent's Day!
Much Love from
Mom, Mish&Charlie, Jess&Peter, Rae&Joseph

Monday, May 5, 2014

Christa's Version of a Scenic Tour

Christa and I had
Lucas and Liv for the day,
so off we went for an adventure,
I turned the keys over to Christa...
Here is her tour of scenic historic St. Augustine...
When the paved road ends, keep on going...

Barricades! Now what?!?
"Uh, how DO you get out of here?!?
Turn around,
I think you are definitely
off the beaten path!
At least now we know what street
NOT to turn down next time!
But at least now I know where a
 new graffiti wall
is next time I need one
 for a photo shoot!