Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Work" Convention

 last week was so grueling...
There were board meetings....
run by a strict taskmaster...
and, also,
"board"walk meetings... 

where the work was quite difficult, but someone had to do it!!!
During the week,
we had some
team building exercises... 



Corporate dinners...
where a member of management
 bestowed two lovely maidans with a flower!
Just so you know,
it wasn't all work and no play!
There was some down time
where co-workers solidified their bonds

and got re-aquainted with each other.

it was a beautiful place for a convention 

with many new discoveries

the only thing that could have made it any better was if
all of the co-workers were able to attend...
you were missed Christa, Robert and Joseph!
Keep your calendars clear for the next "work" convention!!!
Then it won't be "work" at all,
but all play!

 (disclaimer: some pics "borrowed" from Mish & Hope)


Sunday, July 20, 2014

These Two.....

These two share alot...
 each other,
their daughter,
family and friends.
And they share a 
Joie de vivre....

that is contagious
flows to  those around them
so that we, also, enjoy life more.
They are just plain fun to be around
as I was reminded of this past week!
Another thing
Charlie and Michelle
share is a 
birthday month....
just two days apart from each other.
So I want to wish both of them a very
Happy Birthday,
and I pray for blessings to flow
to these two
because they have always,
and continue to be,
such a sweet
to me!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bless This House

"Bless this house,
O Lord, we pray.
Keep it safe by night and day!"
Christa and Robert
 have moved into a

And they are in the process of making it a
 with new friends to be made... 
 (Christa....the cow whisperer!
"Here, Puppy, Puppy")
projects to be tackled 
with family..... 

 and friends!

 Challanges will be met here.

Bonds will be solidfied...

Explorations will be made... 


 Lessons will be learned...

(or in this sharing with Lexi, Livy!
Robert's bar-b-que skills will be enjoyed!...
The above prayer
goes on to say,
"Bless the people here within!"
and to that I say,
for both Christa and Robert
all who walk through their door!