Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deep Sea Napping

"Deep-Sea Napping"...surely I must mean "Deep Sea Fishing". Well, let me explain....
Yuriko was down from Seattle, and being the fisherwoman that she is, lured me with her wonderful adjectives and got me on a deep-sea fishing boat. Here we are (basically at the time of day where I should still be on my porch sipping tea) waiting for the first mate to get the boat ready.

The Sea Love is now prepared to take us 2 hours straight out in the Atlantic Ocean in search of a reef or perhaps a sunken ship because apparantly that is where the good fishing is to be found.

On the intracoastal now heading past historic St. A....I'm really enjoying myself at this point.
And here I am on the bow of the boat (I just googled "bow" to see if that is truly where I am), and I am really, really enjoying myself at this point of the trip. I feel as if I'm converted to becoming a fisherwoman, and in my mind I'm budgeting around 4 deep sea trips per year at a minimum. The wind in my hair, the sun glistening on the water, sea life all around (dolphins, sea turtles, schools of jellyfish visible in the clear water, sea birds) all convincing me...yep, I can do this!
Boating straight into the path of the sun!

Yuriko totally anticipating a FULL day of deep sea fishing. Her excitement was contagious.

Just a pictorial view of the wake to try to give a visual of how fast the the boat was churning through the water.

A SEA TURTLE....the first I have ever seen out in its natural I am having a really, really, really good time.
But above is the last of my pictures on the boat during this day long trip because very soon after we anchored, I had to go lay down thanks to motion sickness medicine and feeling queasy. Approx. 6 hours later, I woke up to see the skyline of St. Augustine once again. I slept through major catches of fish, I slept through people all around me having their lunches and having a "cold one" while sitting on the mat where I was sleeping. I slept through the 2 hour ride back into shore! As one guy on the boat put it...."Well, you sure had an expensive nap...Ha-Ha!"
Well, at least Yuriko had her catch. And later that evening, she cooked up some scrumptious red snapper to my delight.
So my "I'm Converted" thoughts very quickly turned to a "Well, this was a once in a lifetime experience" thought. But you never know.......That ride out sure was exceptional!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Unusual and Special Easter

After years of Easters under the oaks, sharing food and fellowship with so many over the years, Christa and I found that we had the possibility of a weekend to ourselves and decided to take advantage of this time together. And since the beginning of her days at UF, we have wanted to have a photo shoot meandering around campus. Here is just a sampling of our day of fun and laughter...

In front of the Swamp, the football stadium where we spent sooooo many game days with some of the best fans in the sports world. Whether we had to roam the streets pregame looking for those "right-priced" tickets, or if we had the pleasure of sitting in Box 14 (thank you, Ginn Family!), these games are memories that will never be forgotten!

And let's not forget those unforgettable basketball teams over the years. Thanks to the "Gator Kids Club", our basketball fever started many, many years ago. Christa's eye for the game came early.... so Donovan, if you need any tips, just look her up. And Tod, remember, your studies are the most important thing in life right now.

Christa is on top of things and ready to take on the world....

......however, it will be bittersweet kissing those Gators good-by!