Thursday, October 30, 2014

"I Am Touched by How I Touch Other People's Lives"

(disclaimer...this will be an ongoing, updated blog...because the one-liners keep coming!)

In our family

is known for his one liners...
not meant to be funny, but they
 constantly. crack. us. up.!
And when they don't fit in the "funny" category, they are very, very poignant.
So, for posterity sake, I will be
recording his comments.
I realize this will be esoteric for many,
but for those within hearing range,
the backstory will keep us smiling for years.

~"I am touched by how I touch other people's lives!"
                      His response to accolades of what a great guy he is.

~"I can be friends with anybody... unless they're not friendly."
                     Said while it was being mentioned how he can hold a
                               conversation with anyone in any place.

~"What if a raccoon walks out of the woods and walks through the ceremony!?!?"
                     Said while trying to pick out a wedding venue.

~"It's not about winning; it's about beating Charlie!"
                      Said during a heated family card game.

~"God gave me options!"  (Christa's response: "Then you got married!")
                      Said when it was announced there was a mandatory game night
                             during family vacation in which he didn't want to participate.

~To Christa:  "Do you need anything special, like a hug or a kiss?"
                      Said while they were going through the hardest time of their lives.

~"Are you laughing at me?!?" "You should be laughing at the movie!"
                      Said while we were having a family movie night watching 
                             A Christmas Story, and we could not stop laughing at
                                     Robert laughing at the movie.

-"How do you take so long in the shower?!?  You only have 4 major body parts to wash!!!!
   Whish, wash, splash and you're done!"
                      Said to Christa and Jess when it was being determined who would be first
                                     in the shower and how long they may take.

~ Robert  "What candy did you buy?"
  Christa "Reese's, M&M's, Hersey bars"
  Robert:  "Did you get the ones with almonds?!!!"
  Christa  "This candy is for the kids, NOT YOU!"
                     Said a couple of days before Halloween
So far, my vote for favorite,
and one of the reasons why I love this guy so much....
~"Oh, we were just passing out hugs"
                     Said when Christa & Robert were hugging two friends good-by in a parking lot and
                                      Christa turns around and Robert is hugging an eighty-year-old passerby!
                                            The silver-haired lady's parting comment..."You smell good!"

~Christa texted me this picture

along w/this message...
"Robert and I are just hanging out at the house watching tv. And he goes in the room and comes out wearing this. I asked him where's he's going and he says 'it's 9/11...I don't care if we're sitting home alone, I'm going to wear our colors.' Now he's in the closet finding red, white and blue for me to wear! God bless America! We will always remember!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Rainbow...

"I have set My rainbow in the clouds...."  ~God

And I'm glad He did!

I am going to claim this particular rainbow as my own
as a rememberance of all
of God's promises.
 (simply because it was taken
by my daughter!)