Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day Out (w/Kids!)

What to do on a free Saturday
well, take up Sherry's offer to get the Grandkids together,
of course!!

There were trolley rides
where keen eyes kept a lookout for pirate ships!...
and where, apparently, Gabe tells very, very funny stories!... 
A new version of cornhole was played...

and we had lunch at a fancy restaurant...
where they graciously provided "masks" for kids...
(Hey, they go on your laps, kids!)
Spiderman images were drawn...
...and little ones entertained the littlest one...

Wishes were made... 

...and we finally found a place
 to corral the kids in one spot for at least one minute... 

It was a fun day, Sherry!

And we have to do it again soon! 
I slept GOOD last night! about you?!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall!


~~Need I Say More~~

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Gift of a Video!

I was looking through my videos searching
for a particular one
when I came across this.
An oldie but goodie.
Produced by Yuriko as a surprise for me
after a visit she made to
 sunny St. A from rainy Seattle...
(Yuriko, I know you just went through a fabulous summer,
but we are on the threshold of fall,
so I think a sunshine trip may be in order for you!!)
I thought this gift should be a part of this
It contains appearances...
of some people special to me,
Storm and Angel, my animal friends,

a sweet reminder of our
deep sea fishing excursion!,

and a lovely pictorial of my home
the town that I love...

not to mention the excitement of "new shoes"!

I know I thanked you before,



These pictures represent sweet, sweet memories
that I cherish!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Edisto Beach,
population 691,
 a little South Carolina coastal town...
the perfect location for an urban family from Jersey!!
 ("Hey, where are all the people?!?!?")

Who wonder "where are the chain restaurants?,
 tourist attractions?,
bodies of water without alligators?,
traffic lights?,
and people who react fast to serving food!?
And then reinforcements arrived,
and the party began...

(Well, at least one person was a partier!)
Thank you, ShagFest, for providing entertainment from our balcony!
The town was still sleepy...
we had to find entertainment wherever we could...
Always the Princess
But add into the equation family who hasn't seen
each other in WAY. TOO. LONG.
and the setting becomes perfect!


and small,

have sweet moments together,

and they don't mind being seen carrying sippy cups...

 There are a number of
"You can't choose family...."
 out there,

but there is one thing for sure,

if you could choose family,


I would choose you!

Let's do this again next year,


next month,


next week!


We miss you!