Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday Haiku Galore ~ For Someone Special!

When someone is close
Time and distance matter not
The heart binds the two!
Happy, Happy Birthday
 to a much loved sister!
(Let's get together and celebrate!)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Birthday Haiku For You Too!

In our family
You ARE number twenty-three,
Mister Superstar!
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birthday Haiku :)

A sweet summer day
A day we celebrate you
HaPpy BiRtHdAy, MiSh!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

~The Birthday Man~

 I have a guest blogger...
even though he doesn't know it!
Charles Lamar Mallard
is celebrating a birthday today,
and I wanted to post something here in
his honor.
Then this morning,
 I saw what he wrote on his FB,
and decided the best way to honor him
is to use his own words...
to show the kind of man he is...
one who honors others!
Woke up this morning
1 year older then most people who knew me as a kid said I would make it to.
It's been an awesome year.
So much to be thankful for....

 1. A beautiful wife who loves and supports me.
A great wife, mother and friend. (And a pretty talented photographer).
 Thanks for making me a better person and husband. 

 2. A daughter who is mostly girl,
 but just enough 'Tom boy' to make her dad happy....
Thanks for letting me love you this last year,
even though you are a hip, cool teenager. 
3. To family. Mom and dad.

Thanks for always having an open ear and giving me advice when needed.

Even if some of it had me scratching my head.
 Love you guys. 
  4. To good in-laws.
 So much easier when you like your spouses family.
And to Deb, Jess, Rach and Christa, I love you guys.
 Can't wait for our trip in a little. 

 5. To the people I work with.
Such great people who selflessly give of themselves
to keep this country safe and serve as role models to their co-workers.

Thanks for what you do 

 6 .To friends. 

A special group that can ease the stresses of daily life
Awwww, Charlie, so many times over the years you
have brought a tear to my eye...
and today is another one of those times!
My family was truly blessed when you became a part of us,
and I can say on behalf of me and the girls,
we not only LOVE you,
but we really, really LIKE you!
Happiest of birthday wishes
 are sent to you over the miles.
And can't wait to see you soon!
(Even though it was supposed to be a surprise!)
P.S.  Was I one of those naysayers from your youth?!?
I don't think!
Glad you proved them wrong!

P.P.S.S.  I want a bunch of guys in uniform singing to me!  Just saying!