Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Musings of the Roadtrippers

^^^guess who would be the one hanging out the window^^^

^^^or how about boiled peanuts!^^^

^^^inside joke...let's just say my camera survived!^^^

^^^The Highwaymen's Legacy continues^^^

^^^or in this case, Satchels' chocolate cake!^^^

So here is some advice
from these three road-trippers....

and, more importantly...

Monday, January 23, 2017


"Sisterhood is about shared experiences,

knowing you have someone who would be there for you

and would listen to you no matter what,

and who could always tell if there is something wrong.

They are the ones who, with a single look,

know if you are about to burst into giggles

or into tears and why.

They are the ones you could be raging angry with one moment,

and completely forgive ten minutes later

She will always be there for her sister,

and her sister will always be there for her,

because they love each other

no matter what." 
~M.Madow (paraphrased)

The ending of 2016 and beginning of 2017
were pretty epic for one particular reason...

Donna was here for a 10 day visit!
And in those ten days we tried to fit in all aspects of our Florida lives...
off the beaten track of the typical tourist...

from beautiful Blue Springs where we went straight from the airport
to see all of the manatees that gather in the Springs for the winter,
the only problem was that we did not see ONE manatee!!

To the bat bat houses on UF campus
but the problem here was that it was "freezing" (by Florida standards)
and apparently the bats agreed, because the thousands that flock out at dusk
did not appear!  Donna did claim to see ONE though!

She did get to have some of the best pizza in the world at Satchels,
and made a stop at our favorite Swamp.
(Paynes Prairie next time!) 
She met Christa's beloved cows
and we hopped up to Alachua to feed carrots to some old-timers.

She met my co-workers...(Kristy, she wants to spend time with you!)...
and we spent a lovely lunch with Susan, where as we pulled away,
Donna lamented that we didn't get our group shot.  So, Susan, we need a do-over!

Mish took Donna on a behind the scenes tour of her current stomping grounds,
Flagler College, and
we enjoyed St. Augustine's
beautiful Night of Lights,
the Alligator Farm and the newest addition, the Aquarium.

And the time she was able to spend with grand-nieces and nephew...priceless!


don't let too many more sunsets pass by before your next visit!

There are more laughs to be had, more memories to make,
and a kayak trip with your name on it!

"Hurry back!!!!!!!!!!"
(an exclamation mark representing all who is saying that quote)