Sunday, June 23, 2013

Marineland ~ Then & Now & a Little In Between

There's a little strip of the Atlantic
coastline that I and the girls have
enjoyed for years.
It's a beach, a town, and an attraction all rolled into one.
(And ahared with Mom and Donna...
Nana must be practicing giving a dolphin a command,
"Go, Dolphin, Go...Splash that crowd!")

The view...
 is beautiful (the ocean & the young Hope)!

The beach...
is exceptional!

(Our first day together....I miss this girl!)

 The coquina rocks... 

are awesome!
In other words...
the coquina rocks!

The Attraction... 

is a Florida staple for 75 years!

 This little town is a gem!
 (total population ~ 20... lol)

I have to admit,
as far as the Attraction goes,
what is here now doesn't quite compare to what was
there in the 80's when we started going,
the economy and hurricanes
have taken their toll.
But the nostalgia compensates!

is still a fun place to stop by,
especially if it involves a 2 year old. 
and his little sister,
with the rest of the Fam!
(Even if a major storm rolled in and chased us out after only about 1/2 an hour...yep, that's right...about 30 minutes of dolphin viewing!)
"Hey, Nana, why aren't the dolphins in the ocean right over there!?!)

And it looks like

 the debate


 A dolphin or a whale!?!


Happy Anniversary, Marineland!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Faceless Excursion

I had an excursion with my neighbor.
She's beautiful, photogenic
and would make a lovely subject,
I promised I wouldn't take any face shots,
and she was fine with that :)
And that was fine with me
I'm drawn to faceless photography!
It makes me wonder
Where are they going?
(New discovery!...This is a hidden, little 1/4 of a block park dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi)
What journey are they on?
(Rachel, maybe that's our dolphin in Salt Run!)
What are they seeing?

It makes me look beyond the person
to the rest of the frame
and all of the adventure that is held there.
Faceless photography always
adds an element of mystery.
And I like that!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lucas' Clubhouse!

It's been waaaaaay to long
since I've been to a
 2 year old's party.
It's like experiencing Christmas morning
all . day . long
From waking up to a balloon filled house,
to watching the prep,
          Jessica realized she may not be artsy...but she sure is crafty!
and playing with
little buddies
who came to the Clubhouse,
Lucas' day was filled with FUN.
Because, let's face it...
it was FUN INSIDE!
Watching him enjoy his day,
seeing his eyes light up with excitment,
clapping spontaneously,
and that dimple in his cheek being visible all day long
because he couldn't stop smiling...
well, that was the gift to us, his guests!
There were games...

        Lucas clapping for Nolan's attempt :)


There was gift giving....

 the public reading of Nana's card!...
A little Minnie was in attendence.... well as some larger Minnie wanna-be's...

...thanks to Kohl's having some perfect Minnie-style bows on super clearance!
Even though this was a Mickey-themed party,
there was a little bit of Alice in Wonderland
thrown into the mix...
...I think Craig needed a "Drink Me" potion bottle to drink in order to shrink down
and fit comfortably in his seat!
some Magic
from that central Florida Kingdom
certainly came your way this past weekend!...
The happiest of birthday wishes, also, came
your way...
...and we celebrate
your life...