Sunday, June 23, 2013

Marineland ~ Then & Now & a Little In Between

There's a little strip of the Atlantic
coastline that I and the girls have
enjoyed for years.
It's a beach, a town, and an attraction all rolled into one.
(And ahared with Mom and Donna...
Nana must be practicing giving a dolphin a command,
"Go, Dolphin, Go...Splash that crowd!")

The view...
 is beautiful (the ocean & the young Hope)!

The beach...
is exceptional!

(Our first day together....I miss this girl!)

 The coquina rocks... 

are awesome!
In other words...
the coquina rocks!

The Attraction... 

is a Florida staple for 75 years!

 This little town is a gem!
 (total population ~ 20... lol)

I have to admit,
as far as the Attraction goes,
what is here now doesn't quite compare to what was
there in the 80's when we started going,
the economy and hurricanes
have taken their toll.
But the nostalgia compensates!

is still a fun place to stop by,
especially if it involves a 2 year old. 
and his little sister,
with the rest of the Fam!
(Even if a major storm rolled in and chased us out after only about 1/2 an hour...yep, that's right...about 30 minutes of dolphin viewing!)
"Hey, Nana, why aren't the dolphins in the ocean right over there!?!)

And it looks like

 the debate


 A dolphin or a whale!?!


Happy Anniversary, Marineland!

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