Thursday, October 29, 2015

Healing Powers, Asheville Part I

I am a city girl by birth, but, most fortunately, I've had mountains in my life from the beginning... the Watchung Reservation and Poconos in my childhood...oh yes, Harvey's Lake! thank you for such wonderful memories!..., the Catskills, Delaware Water Gap and Voorhees State Park in my teenage years where a lot of exploring took place and Roundabout by YES ("mountains come out of the sky and they stand there"!) would be blasting on the cassette as the they came into view on the road trip out of the city. And, of course, the beautiful Smokey Mountains in my adulthood.  As Christa put it quite eloquently this past week, "A part of my heart belongs here!"  I so agree!

Recently I read a study that showed pain medication was reduced by 30% for hospital patients who were exposed to nature.  I so believe that.  Such powers are held by grandiose mountain ranges to tiny berries growing on a tree.  Again a Christa quote, "Healing happens here!"  Christa, all that money that was spent on the study... they could have just asked!  There is truth in those words.

Off to experience the power of nature...

Always the gentleman...

 My Timberlands were jealous...

And the challenge of rock-skipping

 caused Robert to risk his Jordans...

If nature reduces the need for pain meds by 30%,
what percentage would you guess that family/friends
further reduces the need....

And I don't think a study is needed
 to prove that fact!

Now, enjoy a great song...

Friday, October 9, 2015



synonyms:wonder, marvel, supernatural phenomenon, mystery 
  • a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences

I've been thinking a lot about miracles lately.

I'm a believer in miracles....divine miracles.  I have even experienced a few big ones over the years...when my dad had a brain aneurysm and the doctors were preparing for an operation, which he "may not survive".  But pre-op tests showed the aneurysm "miraculously" gone, so the docs discharged him the next day instead.  Or when Christa drowned in Lake Jody and her name was shouted in my ear, so I knew she was in extreme danger.  She was able to be rescued with no repercussions...(however, that incident may explain some of her behaviors to this day ;) !) Or simply the time when my van would not go in reverse as I was trying to back out of a parking space, and lo and behold, a little mini-car had pulled up behind me and the person had run into an office to pick something up.  I can imagine my guardian angel sitting on my back bumper, feet planted firmly on the ground, holding my van back.  Otherwise, I would have smashed that mini-car to smithereens.  Or the time when I was in the "depths of despair" (who knows where that quote is from), and I cried out to God to show me His presence then and there.  Simultaneously, a brilliant shooting star raced across the sky,  and just a few miles down that dark country road, a beautiful gray fox sedately sat on the side of the road and watched my car go by as if he was watching a tennis match.  A double miracle, I would say, as God knows my love of nature!

Miracles happen around us every day.  Sometimes as a result of direct prayer; sometimes irregardless of prayer.  Sometimes answered exactly as we have requested; sometimes not.  Our challenge regarding miracles, I believe, is twofold.   One, is to be aware.  Notice those small miracles that are a part of our everyday life. I'm almost tempted to type a list of them right here, but I want you to be aware of the miracles surrounding you...create your own list!  The second challenge is how we react when prayer for a miracle is not answered to our expectation.  I've learned (well, truthfully, still learning)  long ago that this can certainly be a challenge and my reaction needs to be..... "I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever".... (which is very easy to do when we get our answer)!  But when it doesn't go our way, the reaction I still strive for is.... "I will sing, I will sing!"  (is anyone humming yet?!)   Simply because God's mercies are a miracle!

And I've been thinking a lot about miracles lately because I have few I've been praying about at this time.

In my humanness, I'm praying for these miracles to come about in a certain way, verbalizing the answers that I seek.  Asking for specifics!  So if you're reading this, and feel so inclined (I know you don't have the specifics), but thanks for sending a prayer heavenly to join with mine.  God will know!

"And with my mouth
will I make known His faithfulness
to all generations!"
Psalm 89:1