Monday, September 20, 2010

(Some) Favorite Sounds

1.  Without a doubt, my girls' laughter

2.  Hope's animated voice (it could really be used as a voice-over in a Disney film)

3.   And speaking of voices, my sister's Jersey thick accent
(yes, Jersey accent can be a favorite :)

4.  The sound of oysters clicking.  "Click" isn't such an attractive sounding word, but believe me, when you hear oysters clicking away it will wind up on your list of favorites.

5.  Ethan strumming  his guitar in the background during our visits

6.  Oli Kai chirping happily away in his cage
 (how is this possible! - there is a lesson here, I'm sure)

7.  Definitely acorns crunching underfoot

8.   Baseball chatter coming from the fields of a little league game, particularly T-Ball...
"Heeeey, batter, batter"

9.  My grand-dogs' excited whimpering as I arrive at their homes

10.  Solo piano music - it always evokes childhood memories of my parents trying to figure out how to get a piano up to our third-story, city apartment for my brother, Chuck...up the "z" style stairway or perhaps a pulley and rope up through a window?  Unfortunately, it never worked out.  But our Catholic Church would let him practice at will on their piano up in the balcony of the sanctuary. 
 As I sat below and listened numerous times.
 He was very good.
As an adult, he bought himself a baby grand similiar to this... 
And it was on his piano that my sister and I set up a tribute to his life when we had a memorial service for his California family and friends. 
So, yes, piano music....up there with the favorites!


Leslie said...

Now I want to hear oysters clicking...

Emily Young said...

Oysters click? That's so cool!!

I like the sound of acorns crunching, too. It makes me feel like fall is coming : )

Lisa in Hawaii said...

Awesome post!