Friday, September 3, 2010

Haiku My Heart: The Journey

Waters churn below

As the messenger takes flight

Undaunted journey

for more friday Haikus visit "recuerda mi corazon"


Leslie said...

Oh, this haiku speaks to my heart.

"Waters churn below"

"Undaunted journey"

I love it. Is this your photo? Amazing.

Debbie D. said...

Leslie, aren't "undaunted" and "journey" both great words?!

I caught the bird at the perfect moment the other morning when I went out to the beach on my day off :)

Leslie said...

"Perfect moment." I'll say it was perfect! And yes, those are both GREAT words. Somehow this haiku reminded me of the verse,"Be strong, and let your heart take courage..." I think from the end of Psalm 27.

rebecca said...

i love how this shows one dark light.
thank you for this stunning photo and perfect words.

so glad to have you here....

it seems the link is not working...i arrived here through last weeks link. i will update your link, this is probably why so few have made it here to take in your beautiful haiku.

Meri said...

The photo is amazing. It deserved these words of wonder.

Emily Young said...

I LOVE this! The photo is gorgeous. And I like the phrase "undaunted journey."