Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Impromptu Road Trip

I woke up yesterday and started daydreaming of a road trip. 
Interrupting this dream, I get a call from Christa about a sick little Lexie :(
So with Christa heading off to work,
I told her I'll hop in the car and head on over to keep my eye on the pup for the day.

Getting from St. Augustine to Gainesville is about a 68 mile drive one way. 
 But what's great about these miles is the fact that the drive is totally on country back roads. 
 Rt.1 to SR206 to SR207
 then Hwy 100 to SR26
and then you're there! 
 My idea of a road trip!

So enjoy it with me...

For all of you Northeners,
if you're missing your fall colors,
come to my state in December.
Each year,
I love seeing these vibrant colors bordering our roadways during this season.

We'll drive through Spuds, the Potato Capital...

And we can stop at Bulls-hit (don't say that too fast!) Ranch
for some  Bull's Chips.
(I've known Rick Gilson to go miles out of his way
to buy his favorite potato chips from here.
You leave your money in a box on the counter :)

We'll cross the St. John's River,
one of the few rivers in the world that flows north.
(What the significance of this is, I don't know,
but you may come across that fact in a trivia game some day.)

Halfway through our trip, we'll definately stop at...

where we'll order a fried egg sandwich...

and have plenty of drink choices
(given the # of sweet tea containers, I would say that's the drink of choice,
until the workmen stop by at 5, that is!)...

Driving through beautiful Melrose,
the pecan groves will be enjoyed...

along with the occasional orange grove
that has survived the climate change over the years this far north in Fl.
(with frost on the ground)...

And for those who think they have to travel to
Texas to see some Longhorn...not true.
We have our beauties right here in north/central Florida...

We'll read the messages
in the random woods along the way,
 placed there by who knows who...

And we'll enjoy the peace and joy that is available to us!

So let's go for a ride!


Mallard Nest said...

I LOVE road trips too! Thanks for bringing us along on that one! Next I would like to go back to Blue Springs in the winter and to Cumberland Island!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always a breath of fresh air, with beautiful words, thoughts and pictures. I've traveled that route quite a few times, and didn't know about any of those places! Next time I go, you'll have to go with me as my tour guide!

Thanks for a quick road trip, from the staying-put one. xoxo

Leslie said...

I always love to be taken along on your road trips. Hope Lexie is on the road to recovery!

Debbie D. said...

Beth, I'd love to take a road trip with you some day. We would have so much fun!!

Thanks, Leslie...and hopefully Lexie will be home tomorrow from the vet!

Michelle, I'm with you!! Cumberland Island, here we come!