Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here is What Happens When All the DiGi Girls Have Off At the Same Time...

~I'm on the phone with Mish...Christa calls in. 
~I get off with Mish thinking Christa is at work and is calling about something important.
~But Christa is home for the day and she just hung up with Jess,
who is now beeping into my conversation with Christa.
~I get off with Christa promising to call her back, and I call Mish back, knowing I also
have to return Jessica's missed call.
~I get off with Mish, and call Jess back.
~During this conversation, Christa beeps into Jess.
~Jess calls her back and tells her she was on the phone with me.
~Christa says "Wait a minute... Mom was supposed to call me back!"
~Christa gets off with Jess as she wants to call Rachel and me.
~Then I get a call back from Christa..."Hey, you were supposed to call me back!"  I laugh.
~And Jess beeps in, doesn't get an answer and makes a call to Mish.
~Christa calls Rachel.
~Jess calls me back.
~I call Rachel, but she can't talk as she's studying for a 1:00 test  :)

And thus our morning passes!


Leslie said...

: )

Mallard Nest said...

LOL! We need to do conference calling!!!!!!