Sunday, March 28, 2010

Andy Rooney and Me

I just heard Andy Rooney say "I'm funny, but I'm the only one who thinks so." 
 I know what he means.  I am my own best audience. 
But isn't that normal, I ask?
What person, who says something alledgedly funny,
does not laugh at what they just said?

I have heard rumors that Ron and Danny do a good impersonation of me laughing at myself.
I use the word rumor because they always refuse to do this in front of me.
So I have my doubts...
about the "good" that is.
But my question is...
do they laugh at themselves doing an impersonation
of me laughing at myself?

And then there are some things that just strike me as funny
and those around me don't quite see the humor.
I'm not talking about an all out belly laugh.
Just a shoulder-shaking, trying to
hold it in kind of laugh.
One time, I was about to take a long road trip with
three of my girls.
So I listened to the weatherman before heading off
to see what kind of traveling weather we would have.
He was predicting rain, so said...
"When you're out driving today,
be careful of the wet woads."
On top of that, he pretended he didn't say anything wrong!
That one had me shoulder-shaking all the way to North Carolina
whenever it popped into my head.

Wet Woads
What a wonderful wemark
( laughing at myself)


Mallard Nest said...

LOL Lots of LOVE!!!!


That is a smily face with a shoulder shack!!!

Hee-Hee Laughing at myself!

Michelle said...

Lol! It was late last night! Shake!!!!

ladydee said...

I weally weally like this post;)and yes they do waugh as they think of you:)