Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Birds...

I received a gift today.
Special visitors passed by.

The elusive white pelican.

They huddled on the sandbar together,
taking a nap from their journey.
Their heads tucked under their wings.

Then the tide came rushing in.

They continued to nap.

As they slowly glided away.


"If you’re not familiar with white pelicans,
these beautiful,
mostly elusive large pelicans are about three times the size of brown pelicans.
 They migrate to south Florida in the winter,
congregating in large groups
but in very out of the way locations,
so as not to be disturbed.

Boaters are often the only people to spot white pelicans,
spying them on uninhabited out-islands."


Leslie said...

I LOVE this. Thanks for sharing your gift...

Leslie said...

P.S. Love the new blog look, too!