Friday, October 26, 2012

Rachel's World ~ Part II

During my time in Asheville,
we hiked twice.
I was going to combine the two hikes in one post,
but after looking at the pics,
I decided they each warranted their own.
The first hike was me and Rach and the dogs.
Needless to say,
it has made it on my "most favorite memories" list.
Strolling along a mountain river with my girl
under sapphire skies
surrounded by trees that Crayola creators
must have sat under for their inspiration...
Their Gem Tones line...
Peridot, Jasper, Ruby, Malachite, Tiger's Eye, Smokey Topaz, Citrine, Jade
We set off from downtown for just a 15 minute ride

  to the Swannanoa River

 We walked briskly as the sun was heading west rapidly
and Rachel didn't have her trusty headlamp...
a necessity apparantly for a mountain trail as the sun can disappear
before said hikers (us) make it back to the trailhead.


But we wanted to make it to The Pasture...

....and you can see why...!

Thank you, Rae, for sharing this part of the world

with me!


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Memories Forever After said...

Gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!