Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rachel's World, Part I

my Asheville!
(oops...I got carried away...let me start over)
Rachel's Asheville!
(but it did adopt me!)
So, I got to spend a few days with one of my favorite daughters
in one of my
favorite places on earth.
What a most marvelous combination!!
We sat
 got a view of her everyday life.

I had the opportunity to meet neighbors,
(hi, courtney!)
and sit on the sunny porch sipping morning coffee
while watching the leaves change from day to day
on the surrounding mountains.

I met numerous co-workers and bosses...
and now know why Rachel loves her job.

I ate delicious food at their sidewalk counter,
while watching the locals and tourists mingle together.
Took a fake pic of me with one of the Lab's specialty beers
to send to my sister...
...but I was busted because Rach forgot to crop out my tea!

Rachel had to work a lunch shift one day,
so I strolled the streets...
and fell in love...


One of the days,
after a brunch at Joseph's place,
(and to think I almost balked at the crabcake egg benedict...
dreams are made of food like this!)
Rachel and I strolled arm in arm
around town

Enjoying each other...

...and the views!



And ended a day at a quaint wine bar
listening to some fantastic music by
But least you think we spent all of our time downtown,
Part II will be coming
and paths
and waterfalls
and frolickng dogs.


Memories Forever After said...

Beautiful Location!
Beautiful Ladies!
Beautiful Blog!

Leslie said...

LOVE this series :)