Saturday, February 19, 2011


Picked up my Missouri girls from the airport today,
 and since Blue Springs was just a short distance off of  I-95,
we decided to take a detour.
 And the three of us agreed... it was one worth taking. 

First we were greeted by this....
Michelle is sticking by her story that it's a 10 footer.
(but really about 8,
which is 7' bigger than I prefer to see without some type
of barrier between me and it!)
I have to admit though, it was pretty awesome seeing
this gator just glide through the water, legs tucked back
with just a small swish of the tail propelling it forward.

My photographer girl was having fun with her zoom...

in between keeping an eye out for more florida wildlife...

in hopes of seeing this!
A sweet little adolescent sea-cow.
She meandered over our way and came up for a breath
and gave us a little show.

Satisfied after seeing a couple more manatees,
we intented to continue our trip back to St. A,
but realized we were on the verge of the sunset,

and who could leave a river with a setting sun?!

We couldn't...

Let the festivities begin!


sherry said...

I want to go to there! :D It was wonderful meeting the all-grown up Michelle with the still beautiful, curly hair AND your other lovely- Hope! (even if I was in my p.j.'s)

sherry said...

Debbie, can we just forget our jobs and take off with our cameras on a road trip? How about Cycles and a back-pack?! (MAYBE we could let Warren come along if he behaves...Naaaah- better yet he can stay here and just send us money...hehe)

Mallard Nest said...

I am so glad we took a detour and were welcomed to Florida by a 10 foot gator!

Mallard Nest said...

PS. It was so worth the $6!