Sunday, February 6, 2011

~Happy Birthday, Rachel~

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Born February 6th, even though your due date was the 3rd. I think I was the only pregnant woman in history who didn’t want to deliver early. You see, the New York Cosmos were playing the Tampa Bay Rowdies on the 3rd, and I so did not want to miss THAT game! So your accommodating nature was already established in the womb…
You waited.
I’ll never forget the look on the face of the woman next to me at that game when she asked me when I was due. When I said the word “today”, she looked panic stricken. I don’t think she wanted me cheering so enthusiastically, and she kept a wary eye on me for the rest of the game.

You entered the world easily and peacefully.  Born at night (Rachel Dawn/Born at Night) in a country~blue bedroom with white trim on Burlington Av. in St. Petersburg with special people in the room awaiting your arrival and each with their contribution to the occasion.  Your dad, of course, Yuriko with her soothing ways, Anita and Elsie, the midwives, Jim Holehouse with his expertise, and Cathy Mahoney for extra encouragement.

One of my favorite memories of your delivery was seeing the shadows of your sisters through the gap at the bottom of the bedroom door. They were crouched there in anticipation, waiting to hear the news of your arrival. One of my favorite all-time pictures is the one taken of them holding you on the first meeting. Priceless!

We had a fish tank in the bedroom, and I remember how soothing the sound of the water was during the time of labor. This may be ironic…..are you the one a few years later who threw the hairbrush that punctured the glass that sent 10 gallons of water and guppies to the floor ?!?

We named you Rachel Dawn. “Rachel” for “little lamb”, something that is small and precious.

Now for your middle name. I know you were never a fan of “Dawn”, but you overlook the meaning….
"the beginning; advent (coming into being; arrival)”
 Let’s not forget the visual to go along with that name... the rising of the sun, the start of a new day. Think of any sunrise we’ve experienced at Crescent Beach. Always with a sense of awe……the same goes for you.

You were an awesome baby, Rachel, with your wild out-of-control hair and contagious smile! And you have grown into an awesome woman! You are a bright dawn in the lives of those around you.  And I for one want to bask in those "rae's".
They enrich my life!

Know that you bring much delight to our lives and continue to do so with each passing day. Your wit provokes laughter, your spontaneity brings excitement, and the world,  our world, is so much better because of you!  You are God's gift, a special treasure! 

Happy Birthday, dear Rachel!

I love you,

and always keep dancing,

and I'll dance with you!


Leslie said...

I just love these birthday posts. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Rach! Mom great post and fun memories! Except the fish tank, because I still can see the brush flying through the air and my precious pet fish gushing out with the water onto the floor. :-( Very traumatic for me!