Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weddings and Babies and Fun Oh My

My fingers are poised over the keyboard.
Waiting for the words to come
traveling from my heart,
channeling through my brain,
and finally transmitting through my fingertips for all to read. 

Words to describe my feelings for this...

My family being together for the sole purpose of

Need I even say more?!


Wrap your mind around these words.

See..... now you know what I'm feeling!

    And if my emotions were captured in a picture, here it is.....

Celebrating Love....

Celebrating Life...

And as a bonus,
We had old friends and newly acquired ones celebrating
their artistic abilities (worthy of fridge hanging)...

Photo tips happening behind the scenes..

Princesses in tutu's lounging around looking princessy...

And a run to the beach was made
so that a land-locked girl could get some sand
between her toes...

and possibly up her nose...

and sisters got a chance to do what they do best...

Catch up on life

and love



Leslie said...

So much love and joy here... keep soaking it up!!!

Mallard Nest said...

I am so glad we were able to have a weekend together, All 6 of us girls to live, love and laugh together!