Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(1) Short Road Trip, (2) Favorite Activities, (3) of my Favorite People

While Charlie, Michelle and Hope were here
we set off to Blue Springs in hopes of
seeing a manatee,
which we didn't

it was a wonderful day
Happy Face

We kayaked the backwaters of the St. John's River
Notice that I'm staying in the middle of the river
If there is a gator sunning,
I want to admire it from a distance
and not up close and personal

I switched kayaks with Charlie
as he wanted to explore
the small tributaries
and we wanted to stay in the middle
(we found a small sandy beach for the switch :)

the water went from tannic acid brown
to crystal clear blue-green
This is where manatees gather in the winter months.

And with the waters being so clear
I didn't mind the narrow passageway!

Little Miss Adventurer, Hope

After the kayaking,
it was snorkling time...
My underwater happy face

I've forgotten how much
I LOVE snorkling
I was in the midst of a school of
Florida Gar well over 3' in length
(about 3 dozen gar are captured in this frame)

and for a few moments in time I was having
an eye to eye encounter with one
He was accessing me
as much as I was accessing him :)
As I reached out to touch him,
the split second before I would have made contact,
he gave a swish of his tail and gone

Another near touch scene

Then we had a swim upstream
where Charlie and Hope
are on the verge of the mouth
of the spring...

So, as I said,
no manatees,
but a ton of fun!
I plan on going back in the winter
when the manatees will be there!

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Leslie said...

Looks like fun! Underwater camera?