Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Debbie/Donna Day

The Reales are down from Jersey...
  And Donna and I took a quick time away to grab a lunch together
 and take a scenic ride down A1A back to the rest of the fam. 
In deciding where to have lunch, we picked Old City Subs. 
 Since our mom LOVED their French Dip,
and we wanted to have one in her honor
 In fact,
I attribute that sub to helping my mom get her appetite back when she first arrived in Florida. 

Business card board...
Where in the World is Jessica DellaVecchia...

The crew posing for a pic
even while still working (taking a phone order)...
They were so sweet in their condolences when hearing about my mom!

We made a quick stop in Barnes & Noble
where I couldn't resist a shot of this T-shirt...

...and then meandered down A1A
and stopped at Marineland beach

to take in the ocean
so green and clear this day...
...note the top left of the pic,
the ocean is there!

We ended our day with a bike ride over to
European Village
where I can still get Donna to do silly things
since I'm the older sister (hee-hee)...

And she took a less silly pose of me
since I AM the older sister
and she knows better :)


Emily Young said...

Looks like a fun summer day : )

Mallard Nest said...

Totally Awesome Post! (OK that is showing my age! I don't think they say that any more! Is that from Wayne's World! LOL) I am so glad you wonderful sisters, (Mom and Aunt) had time together! Love you!

Leslie said...

I LOVE your photo stories. Glad you had a lovely day with your sis.