Saturday, August 21, 2010


I always...
~love mexican food
~enjoy road trips
~see the good in people
~miss those I love who are not within a 30 mile radius of me
~have powdered sugar on my french toast
~burn my candles
~remember the names of the dogs in my neighborhood

I sometimes...
~remember the names of the people in my neighborhood
~go to a movie by myself
~imagine that I sound like Grace Slick when I sing

~rinse my hair in the rain because my mom always said "it's good for your hair"
~indulge in a meal from a hot dog cart on the side of the road

~pay a toll for the person behind me
~wear vanilla perfume

I never...
~eat squid
~run just for the fun of it
~have ridden on a Harley (yet)

~go out in the ocean beyond where I can touch
~know how to apply make-up properly
~rearrange furniture
~enjoy the game Monopoly

 (but love that it provokes memories of Atlantic City)

1 comment:

Leslie said...

I always remember the names of the dogs in my neighborhood, too - and usually refer to the neighbors by the names of their dogs! ("Oh, you know, Violet's owners ... or Roxy's owners, etc.")

And I have never eaten squid, either. Nor do I plan to.

And I don't know why I don't like Monopoly, but I don't and never did...

I love your always/sometimes/never list.

And I love your comments on my blog that make me feel like I just accomplished something great : )