Monday, August 16, 2010

O "Happy" Days!

Some of you know about Happy
He is a Lab/Pit mix who showed up at the Interlachen house
three months before I moved away.

He was emaciated.
He was scared.
He was extremely skittish.
He looked at you with eyes that said "Help".

Hope and Michelle were staying at the house at the time.
And he took an instant liking to Hope.

We fed him from afar,
as he wouldn't come within 100' of the house,
and I tried to find his owner
to no avail.

After days he started to come closer
and then allowed Hope into his scared world.
And then the rest of us.

Hope called him Happy.
I asked her why?
She said, "That's how he makes me feel"

And he stole our hearts.
We all fell in love with him...
the whole family.

He started to flourish,
became less skittish, especially around us ladies.
And he did make us happy!
He was special boy!

But the house was selling...I was going to a condo
with a 14 lb. weight limit on pets :(
I seriously reconsidered the condo option
because of him,
but other reasons kept me on that path.

So I worked with a rescue group
and my local vet,
and they made room for Happy
at a no-kill shelter
the weekend that I moved.

The day I brought him there
I had to carry him from
the barn area to my driveway
(all 79 lbs. of him I later found out from the vet)
because he wouldn't follow me down.
He was smart.
He knew something was up.
And he was very scared,
but not one iota of aggression
did he show even in this scared state.

I cried bringing him there,
and I cried on my way home.
And I've cried over him since.

And I wondered many, many times about him.
I couldn't help it.  A picture of him and me together
is right smack dab in the middle of my refrigerator,
just at my eye level.

(Thanks, Peter!)

That is, I wondered until tonight.

I went on craigslist,
where I went to see about a puppy that
Christa wants to buy.
(sidenote:  she did buy it... little Lexi!)
And there I saw an ad for a "lab/pit" mix with a picture attached.
And I'm a sucker for clicking 
on pet ads with pictues.
I like to look!

I sat there and stared at Happy looking back at me
 with these words of the ad...
Great large breed dog rescued through the humane society. house broken and gets along with cats and other dogs as well as kids of any age. great protector of the yard, barks and lets you know when someone is around. he is about 90 lbs but not agressive. already micro-chipped and has shots, neutered, but kinda skiddish, but he will open up to you. needs fenced in yard though. very playful with a laser pointer light. I have paperwork from the humane society. I got laid off and lost my house and I would hate to return him to the humane society where they will put him back in a cage with barking dogs all around and he will go back into his shell. 

I called immediately
and compared notes with the placer of the ad.
It was Happy a/k/a Jagger (as in Mick).
This man's sister worked at the shelter and told
him about this dog that needed help.
So he took him in
and fell in love with him.
As did the rest of his family.
When his parents found out that he couldn't keep
Happy Jagger,
they told him they wanted him.

So it was an easy transition this time for the boy.
To a home close by with people he already knew
and was comfortable with. 
I'm told he has a large fenced in back yard
where the mom leaves the sliding glass door
cracked open so he can go in and out at will.
I hear he's a very "happy" camper!
And this definately make me happy!!!

(Jagger - pic from the ad - all 90 lbs. of him now)


Leslie said...

Awww, I'm so glad you found out what happened to him, and that he's in a good place.

Lisa said...

That is just the sweetest story, made me cry, as I am a sucker for ANY dog that needs help. Thanks Deb for all your wonderful stories, I enjoy each and evryone of them!!