Friday, October 28, 2016

"I Love to Walk in Leaves!"

Folklore has it that you go to a mountain top to find the old man to seek wisdom.
Well, I have a little bit of a different take on that legend.
Yes, I did go to the top of a mountain,

it was the three-year-old who I asked for wisdom.
After all, they do know it all!
"Livi, what do you love?"
"I LOVE to walk in leaves!"

Excellent advice!
And I'm convinced if more people enjoyed leaves with the intensity of a 3 yr old,

^^my Timberlands...not my legs^^

we would experience more peace in the world.
I know I did!

Throw some chocolate and apple donuts into the mix,

along with some family time

and some fun competition

let's just use the word
(Is there an apple named Bliss?? There should be!)

Rachel and Joseph,
you two are the extreme hosts,

And, Rachel, we love AVL

as much as you do!

Thanks for providing a home away from home...
and don't worry,
I can always find my way


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