Friday, September 23, 2016

"Do You Have Fall In Florida????"

This was an exchange between Christa and Courtney, an Asheville-girl, after Christa posted a picture celebrating fall.   I couldn't help to laugh out loud not only at Courtney's number of question marks, but Christa's response, "mostly in our imagination"!  So very true.   And thank God for vivid imaginations!

So, with yesterday being the start of one of my very favorite seasons (I have 4 of them!), I had to make a decision as to how to celebrate.... and the answer was obvious.   Find an available 3 year-old, dressed in her best Fallish-Florida attire, and set off to discover.....Fall! 

(Notice all the fall colors, Courtney!  Don't forget, use your imagination!)
^^^Do you recognize this stride^^^
Watch out for this one, World!
She knows where she's going, even on an unfamiliar path!

This look comes from spotting a butterfly flying branch to branch just within the woods.
This look reminds me to always look at the world through the eyes of a child.
There was an almost silent "awwwwww" coming from her, voiced so quietly so
as not to frighten the butterfly away...

After our fall leaf finding expedition,
it was off to Ace with two goals in mind.

find a fall plant to bring home to mom...

"How many do you want to get, Livi?"

hangout with the koi

and wait for the lovely
Ace-Flower-Lady to ask that special question,
which she always does,
"Do you want to feed them?"...

The answer,

Happy Fall!
to you all!

And fyi:  I will be watching for some color that will be creeping our way,
and it won't just be "in our imagination"!

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