Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Selfie Challenge

We were overdue for a
DiGi/Mallard/DellaV/Smith ladies'
so the idea was presented to submit a
with an element of nature included....
and we were all in!
The great thing about this challenge was
(in a way)
the predictability of each submission.
First, we have Hope
and, typical for a teenager,
pushing the boundaries of the term "nature",
as in "humans are nature too!"
Yep, Hope in a broad sense of the word, they are :)
so yours does qualify!
Then we have Christa and her new found
love of cows...
I was half expecting a picture like
she has stopped eating beef
it reminds her of her "friends"!

Rachel's eclectic style
showed up in utilizing one of Ashville's great murals...
a picture of a picture of nature...
yep, that'll do, Rae!

 Now, for Jess...
she was all dolled up for a date with her hubby
when she remembered about the deadline for the selfie...
so she ran outside and snapped her pic with her landscape plants...
Nature at its best for!
Next we have Michelle,
Ms. Professional...
whose selfie caused some controversy...
Does it qualify as a selfie?!?!
when you are using your pro equipment via a remote...
And in the truest definition of the word...
it does :)
You're in, Mish!!...

And for me...
I spent the day oohing and  aahing over numerous manatees,
forgetting about the nature element of this challenge..
realizing I had a perfect element just a snap away,
I ran back down to the nearest dock,
and lo and behold...
no manatee in sight...I missed out on a winning photo!!...
procrastination (and forgetfulness) did me in!!
So a quick "peace" was
sent out to the fam
 with the beautiful Blue Springs in the background.... 

(but I do love the message sent though  :)

So there you have it....
6 different personalities.
6 wonderful selfies.
The dilemma....
I think they are
 all winners!
before I announce the winner,
I wanted to add these for history's
Hope's two submissions before she knew abut the
nature element...
Miss Creative, I would say...
I LOVE this girl....

for the WINNER....
my Jersey roots are deep and strong,
cause the Jersey fam voted heavily in my favor :)
And, no!,
bribery was not involved!!
Apparently, the last second thought of flashing a
sign gave me the cutting edge
Until the next challenge!

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