Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's a Football Kind of Day!

The alarm was set early this morning
because I had to get to North Jax to watch
this guy... in his championship game!
(ok, family and friends up can start laughting now)...
It was freezing out there!
You might think David was praying for a win here,
bur in reality, he was trying to conserve body heat!...

As you can see,
is one of the shortest players on the team

But he's a little dynamo...
David is somewhere in the middle of this....!

the Saints didn't win,
this time,
but it was a fun, cold, exciting beginning of the day....
which then lead to this....
....and this...
(why are photo bombs so funny!)
And some sweet bonding time with this little guy... 
Andre and Sheri,
your family is BEE-UUU-TEE-FULL!
and fun
(cousins and all!)
And just a joy to be around!
Now to finish the day watching the Gators
dominate Georgia....OH YES!!

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