Sunday, November 9, 2014

"I've Got Your Back"

Last spring,
I had one of my sweetest encounters with Lucas.
We were at a park for an Easter egg hunt,
and after the hunt,
there was a group of 5 kids playing out in a field,
and Lucas jumped at the chance to join them.
They were a little older than him,
and as I was sitting on an embankment overlooking the field,
I could see there was a little trepidation in his body language,
but also a willingness to join in the fun.
After just a few minutes,
the sweet moment happened...
He ran up the hill to me,
turned back around facing the field again,
stood in his warrior/racer stance,
literally pointed to his back and said to me...
"Nana, you be here behind me and follow me down!"
In other words,
in his not-quite-three-year-old language,
he was saying,
"Nana, have my back!!"
My response...
"Don't worry, Bud... I'm here!  I'm watching! I'll follow you!"
So he took off
happy and confident to join back in the fun.
Knowing someone was watching over his shoulder!
The reason why I'm sharing this story now,
7 months later...
I came across this while I was sipping my coffee..
"Be still, and know that I am God!"
If I were to paraphrase that well-loved verse,
it would be God's version of...
"I've got your back."
The above picture hangs in my living room.
When I first saw it
this thought did jump in my head..
"Wow, God has that woman's back"
The "Light" was following her down her path
into the unknown.
So I bought it,
and it hangs in a prominent place
as a daily reminder...
don't worry.
I'm here.
I'm watching.
I'm following you!"

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