Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Hope-Filled World

Such a very special day!
Thirteen years ago,
Emily Hope 
was born.
And my world changed...
for the better!
Being the world traveler that she is,
our times together are not frequent enough.
But when we are together,
we pick up right up where we left off.
Our Nana/Hopers Days
are part of my favorite memories.
Our slumber parties
(with a girl who has always been a night owl,
and who moves all over the bed
"like a monster" (Christs's words)) when sleeping)
have made for some very fun (and sleepless) times.
Conversatons with her have always reflected
a wisdom beyond her years.
And from such a young age,
she has always amazed me.
And when we're together,
all is right with the world
...and she makes me very, very happy!
you are a beautiful person!
Inside and out!
And I am so proud to be your Nana...
...and I love you very, very much!
Happy Birthday,
sweet girl!

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