Saturday, December 8, 2012

A "Childhood" Perception


"Never worry about the size of your
Christmas tree.
In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall."
~Larry Wilde
This is the third year that I'm putting up
an artificial Christmas tree
And tonight,
when I put the sum total of three sections together
and stood back to take a look,
I literally laughed out loud.
I had an immediate flashback of my
childhood Christmas tree.
My memories of that tree were
one of beauty and grandeur,
and I was sure it reached to the ceiling.
 sometime in my adulthood,
I saw a picture of that family tree.
And it was short and spindly,
and I 'm sure it was missing whole branches!
(So,  I do think Mr. Wilde knows what he's talking about :)

Now, as the nights go by,
and I complete my gift of decorating,
I will stand back,
and, like Lucas,
I'll say, "WHOA!"
 I'll see beauty and grandeaur,
and the tree will totally fill my field of vision.
It may even rival Rockerfeller Center's attraction!

as we count down the days
"Cheers" to you this Season,
and during the hustle and bustle,
may you truly experience...

...and may you always see your tree
with child-like eyes!

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