Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Gift

Years ago,
during the girls' elementary school years,
a local church had a meals delivery program
to the elderly shut-ins in our community.

was our day to deliver
delicious meals prepared by Miss Edna.

So I would load up any of the kids
around the lake who were available
into the mega-wagon

and off we would go
the bumpy clay back roads of West Putnam.

Now there was one woman,
well into her eighties,
who was on our route.

She was always glad to see
a carload of kids show up at her door,
and her face would visually brighten.

And every year,
when I decorate my tree,
I think of her.

You see,
one day we showed up with her meal
during the beginning of Christmas season,
and there was a bare tree in the
corner of her living room.

Since she was quite frail,
we offered our help
to decorate.

"Oh no," she said.
"I just take my time.  It will take me
about two weeks to finish,
but decorating the tree is my
gift to Jesus."

The memory of her intention
helps me remember
what this season
is all about. 

Celebrating the One
who is the ultimate

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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Leslie said...

Oh, Deb. Such a lovely story. And your tree is beautiful, just like you... with His light.