Saturday, January 26, 2013


This past month has been
it was filled with
      a trip to G-ville to spend a weekend baking with Christa,
             an overdue b-day lunch,
                a celebration in anticipation of the arrival of Livia (we're waiting, Little Girl!),
                   welcoming in a New Year,
                      attending a moving Memorial Service for Jim Roberts,
                         a visit from Michelle and Rachel...simultaneously,
                            commiserating with my friend over the passing of her husband,
                               a roadtrip to Atlanta with Michelle,
                                  Christa being awarded the prestigious GEM award at work,
                                      a visit from J&K Smith along with the Terrific Twins!
is made of such moments...
the glad,
the sad,
saying permanent good-byes,
giving a "hello" for the first time in years
 as if it's only been just days,
celebrating people and events,
and just making the ordinary, well,  EXTRAordinary;
phenomenal; remarkable; outstanding; exceptional; noteworthy.
Running with the noteworthy theme,
 I have pics documenting the month, of course!...
documenting LIFE,
and over the next few blogs
 (starting with this one) 
I'm going to share this past month,
in fast progression as Livia will be here before I know it,
and that will be a major blog on LIFE in itself...
the beginning of a new one!
Just before Christmas, I scooted into G-ville to do some
baking with Christa...
Now, you might say "Deb, that picture of Christa is blurry!"
But you're missing the focal point...
a Gator b-ball game is on in the background!
(And don't be surprised to see them in the Final 4 this year!
I'm watching a game right now as I type...
a quote from the commentator: "The Gators defensive dominance..." Yes, sir!)
I did have an ulterior motive for going into G-ville.
Christa had to work on Sat. morning,
so I sneakily went over to the UF campus to
photograph letters from the O-Dome and The Swamp
in order to create for her a WELCOME sign.
Now I just need Mish's help in editing and stitching them together :)
(Sidenote:  The O-Dome was locked, but I really wanted to get inside,
so I tested all the doors....and found one open!  So there was a
period of time before a couple of elderly gentlemen also found the open door,
when I had the stadium all to was somewhat awesome :)
I was greeted on Christmas morning by this Little Guy... I came down the stairs, so obviously it was a great start to a great day...
Robert, are you photo-bombing or wishing us PEACE!?!...
And before the week was out
we finally celebrated Christa with a b-day lunch,
and we got to enjoy the Night of Lights
with some special St. Pete friends!

(Vic & Deanna, we don't see you nearly enough!)
the first week is documented,
and I must say,
it was


Leslie said...

Yes, life is made up of moments like these. And you do a wonderful job of recording them!

P.S. I love the little teddy bears on the Christmas table!

Debbie D. said...

Leslie, those teddy bears have been on the Christmas table since the girls were little. They were quite please when I brought them down to Jessa's for the dinner there :)