Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Birds/Douglas Florian's Words

On morning tide
An egret sat
And gave the beach
a feathered hat


How fortunate and opportune
To have a nose that's like a spoon
Did you descend from royalty, 
And is your spoon for stirring tea?
Or do you use it as a scoop
For eating peas and drinking soup?


I stare
I glare
I gaze
I gawk 
With keen
Mean eyes
I am the hawk.
All day I pray
For prey to view.
Be thankful if
I don't


Leslie said...

I've never heard of Douglas Florian, but I love his verses, especially paired with your photos! They make me smile...

Emily Young said...

I love the spoonbill line! Perfect photos to go along with a hilarious poem!

Lisa in Hawaii said...

I love this post. Your blog is so awesome!