Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magical Weekend ~ Part Two

A sunny day but still with a hint of chill in the air.
A rehearsal luncheon was decided to be held in the picnic area of
instead of the typical dinner.
And what a great decision that was!

 With both sides of the families meeting for the first time,
there was time to stroll and play and visit at leisure.
(notice Robert's Dad's potato salad in the middle of the table...yummmm!)

Charlie and Stine, Robert's little sister


And when it came time to practice,
Jess stepped into Diana's shoes
and did a great job!
(but you were missed, Diana!!)

This is certainly a "party"...

Now, with the rehearsal over,
we had time to finish the last minute details.

There were card games to catch up on...

Bouquets to put together...

Groom's Cake to be made (Michelle's artistry).
At one point in searching for a wedding venue,
Robert expressed the fear
of perhaps a raccoon walking out of the woods
and through the wedding ceremony.
This comment hit the funny bone of the DiGi girls,
thus this cake...

The finishing touches of the
cake topper still needed to be created...

(Mish's first wedding cake!)

And the night ends!

Coming next...
the big day!


sherry said...

What a creative and talented family!
LOVE that raccoon on the

Leslie said...

talented cake decorator you've got there!