Friday, March 18, 2011

Magical Weekend ~ The Big Day!

One week ago today.
A new family was created.

Mr. and  Mrs. Smith

My youngest is married. 
Just typing those words, I still get a sense of surrealness.
As if I'm watching a romantic love story...
but I'm in the plot
and my child is the one getting swept off her feet
by her love.

Everything is right with the world.

Now get the kleenex ready
(just in case) as I take you through
that magical day...

Diana worked her wonders to make the day beautiful
and carefree for Christa and Robert...

And Charlie and Peter had the job of lining up the chairs
perfectly perpendicular to a pre-chosen palm tree.
By the way, as you see in the 1st pic,
Charlie was the officiant, and what a great job he did!
And Peter said the blessing at the reception...
quite eloquent!

Back at the house
there was much primping going on, and I must say,
this was one group of GREAT bridesmaids.
I truly hope that they had as much fun
as they appeared to be having.
They certainly made the day special for Christa...


Hope is observing a little to closely...
you have a few years to go, Hope!!

I wish I was able to clone myself to be with the guys also as they got ready.  
I'm sure there were some pictorial stories going on there as well!!!

In the meantime,
the dress!
Just waiting for the princess...

Now this is the moment I could not talk!!!
I managed to eek out a few words,
but the tears almost started flowing...for both of us...

And then off to the
 (the smile NEVER left her face)...

At which time I forced myself to
put my camera away!!!   So hard to do!
But those pictures will come via the pro.

At the reception, we were greeted by this
(I told you it would be beautified!)....

And we danced the night away!...

And at the end of the night...

Robert had to urge Christa into the car...

And her last words as they were driving away were...
"But I don't want to leave!!!"

Because that is how much fun
we were all having!!!

May you have a
Happy and Blessed Marriage,
Robert and Christa!


Beth said...

Many heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple - and to the lucky family who added a new member!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful day(s)!

Leslie said...

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Lisa in Hawaii said...

I am so glad you have pictures of Michelle, Charlie, and Hope...since she doesn't post much these days. I can't get over Charlie officiating!