Monday, January 12, 2009


I've become a stalker. I'm fascinated with the condos around me. I love seeing glimpses in these people's lives. The way my building is situated, I can see into the living area of around 6-8 condos. The closest thing to city living without living in the city. I've just come from my bedroom window where I was closing the curtains. And down below, there was an elderly couple sitting at their dining room table having a candlelit dinner. Their sheers were closed, so the visual was muted. And it was very lovely sight. I couldn't help but to linger and watch for a moment, wondering was it an anniversary? birthday? or do they just make it a habit to just have dinner by candlelight? Above them, Joe, who earlier was sitting reading at his table now had a darkened condo. An early to bed person I imagine. Down below in the next building, a woman sits on her porch every morning having her coffee. Her porch is closed in with windows so we can't verbally speak to each other, but she has become my first wave in the morning. Also, in the next building over, during the holidays, I could watch two young people who must have gotten a Wii for Christmas. They obviously were playing one of the games and you could "see" the laughter.
My neighbors, on the other hand, can watch me petting Angel, the cat, as she sits on the windowsill. Then they can see me walking down my stairs on my way to walk the dog, Storm. And I know they must be sitting in their living room wondering, "Isn't only one animal allowed?!?!" :)
I use the word "stalker" jokingly. These are glimpses you can't help to see given the layout of the land. And in case you're wondering - no, I have not used my binoculars on that side of my home :)


ladydee said...

Stalker? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..I can think of another word...LOL...j/k

ladydee said...

How's your :)