Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 has just begun. So has a very new chapter in my life. I have moved out of my home of 24 years and have drastically downsized to a beautiful condo with neighbors galore. I have the intracoastal (called the Matanzas River in this part of the world) on my east and live oaks and magnolias on my west. (I was going to share a bit of morbid history regarding the Matanzas, but I'll save that for a later blog.)
As of right now, I'm sitting on the floor, sipping hot tea, Stormie laying by my side, two of my girls sound asleep under my roof. It's amazing how well we have transitioned from "Hilltop Haven" to "____________" (still unnamed condo - any suggestions?) I look around and I am content and my spirit feels at home. Being the holidays, Jessica and Christa have been here quite alot, Angelo is calling this home at this moment in time, Sharon has been out quite often sitting and enjoying the view from the porch, Robert (Christa's special friend) is snoozing on the couch at this moment, and I have a couple of friends coming over later in the day to have some ladies' time. Debbie means "QueenBee", and I do hope that this place remains a beehive of activity. I want it to still be a haven to those I love as our old home always was. Maybe that should be the name...."Marsh Haven", as it sits right on a beautiful salt marsh. (no, doesn't have quite the right ring to it).
Anyway, I am so excited for this coming year. 2009 - the unwritten chapter. My prayer is that my life is on the path that God has laid out before me. The adventure is all ahead!

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Brian J said...

I am so happy for your new home, God is good and He has wonderful plans for your future. It is exciting to know that we all keep growing and that God is excited about each of our new steps. Thinking of you