Thursday, December 25, 2014

Part Two ~ And the Winner Is......

From a panel of 7 judges...unknown to the contestants...

"We will begin with our honor mentions...
First of all, Charlie took this whole challenge and spin it on its head. He was ingenious enough to take a famous Christmas Carol and make it into a non Carol. Instead of I’m dreaming of a White Christmas his was I’m dreaming of a not White Christmas. While brilliant, it did not meet the goal.
Jessica, where or where do you find such adorable models for your pictures? They are just too cute and their enthusiasm is noted. Hurray for Lucas and Livie.
Hope had the most original antlers in the history of this contest. Very clever!!!
The Merry Gentleman had the most outstanding mustache seen in decades.
Now down to the winners...
Third place goes to Robert and Christa. Not only did they depict several songs in their picture, but most judges agree that Robert should sport that bow fashion at more than just Christmas time. Christa also gets an honorable mention for her acting performance in the photo.
The last two photos were in a tight race all the way...
Second place goes to Michelle for the three ships. It was described as beautiful. One judge voted for it even though his grandma had a lighthouse that played the song every time you walked past it. The judge hated the song but loved the photo.
First place goes to Rachel for Silent Night

noted for its cleverness and original design. One judge noted that the city behind her did not look like it could be silenced but applauded her effort.
So there we have it – beautiful photos from a wonderful family."
Thank you,
This was such a fun challenge
and certainly added to the festivities
of the Season.
And Rachel was very, very
with her win!

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